where have all the cowboys gone

I am a grandma, in my late 40's looking for Mr Right, but it seems all the good men are dead. This is where I will write my tales of living the single life.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Another creep!!!!!!

It happened again last night,I was minding my own business,when at 2 am a man came on and said he just saw my profile and would like to get to know me.Now I am not usually onat that hour,but I was at work,and can take my computer to work,my shifts big requirement is to stay awake.

Anyway I asked this man where he was from,he said Oxford,I then asked if that was in MN,at which he gave me a lughing sign,and said of course!!I looked at is profile,and he looked liked a normal 50 year old man.said he was divorced for 8 years,and ex had custody of his 3 kids,living in New York.I asked why he was up so late,he answered paper work that he need to get done for his job.His profile said he owned his own business in computer programing.

Not trusting anyone at that hour of the day,I just answered his questions with as little information as I could.I then asked about his kids,ages,ect.He went on to tell me that they were living with thier mother in Calf.,and went on to say they so hope he can find his one true love.

It was at that point I started to have some serious doubts,after all his profile says New York. then asked where Oxford was ,his answer was I'll tell ya later.

By now I am pretty sure he is probley another scam artist,and my computer muxt have too,because it shut down.

Now as I ssaid I was at work,with nothing but time on my hands,so I did a search of all cities in MN,and guess what there is no Oxford.

From now on,if I happen to be on the computer past what would be a reasonable time for most people to still be up,I will just x them out right on the spot,if they are a potental "love connection",they will contact me at a normal hour.I have trouble sleeping at night so I can be found on-line at strange hours,but I am playing cards,alone,and I wouldn't think of trying to talk to someone at that hour,and I won't be answering anyone at that hour in the future.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


My date went rather nicely yesterday,and has given me hope that there really are honest decent men out there,just not too many.We met a a resturant here in town,and unlike me he dressed up wearing khaki pants with a sports jacket,I went very casual.

We really had a nice time chatting and getting to know things about each other,but unfortantely our interests are very different.I like rock and roll,he likes classical,I like sports,he doesn't.Not that those are not all that important,we didn't click.

When we were leaving the resturant,I asked him what his he thought ,and in a very nice way,he said he wasn't feeling any chemistry.How refreshing that was,a man telling you right then and there,not lieing,tell me that he would like to see me again,then never hearing from him again.I really appreciated his honesty.

Though it wasn't a love connection,I do think I made a friend,we are going to exchange e-mails in the future and just keep in touch.

I didn't go away feeling rejected or hurt in anyway,and I let him know that I really appreciated his honesty,but that was what I was attracted to to begin with,and an honest man is what he is,so there really are some out there.

Friday, August 04, 2006


I am suppose to meet a man for coffee,seems nice,so we will see what happens.He is from Wilmer,works in constrution,and is easy on the eyes.I have talked to him a few times on-line,and we have exchanged a few e-mails.I don't really think that this is going to be Mr. Right,no good reason,I just think we may be looking for different things.I plan to go and enjoy our coffe date though.I am going very casual,wearing jean shorts and t-shirt,that's what I am most comfortable in,and I don't want to give the impression that I'm a fashion diva.I guess I will know more after we meet.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


It is happening again today,Mel Gibson tops the news stories again,I for one am tired of hearing about it.I don't understand why after almost a week I am still being bombarded by more stories about his arrest.I understand that the things he said were very wrong,but he was drunk,and he has appoligized.I can't say I am a big Mel Gibson fan,I like the Lethal Weapon movies,didn't like Braveheart,and Passion of the Christ was too graphic for me,but if I never hear about his arrest again it will be fine by me.

Why can't we just let Mel deal with his problems in private,hasn't he been humiliaty enough by now,he has enough to deal with at this point,why not let the healing begin for him,and to those he offeneded.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Let me start off by saying that after bieng terrible disappointed with the Christian dating service,I decided to try Yahoo personals,seemed harmless.My first bad experiece happened last night,I went on the computer to jut play cards,and some on popped up on messenger.It was someone from Yahoo personals.After a few minutes of talking to him,I had a feeling that he wasn't my Mr. Right,so I told him I had to go and spend some time with my grandaughter that was spending the night.After an hour or so I figured it would be safe to go back on,I had barely got on and guess who should be right there again.I talk for a few minutes,which only made me sure I didn't want to waste time with him,one big turn off for me was when it was so hot he was naked,and maybe I'd like to come over and have a beer or 2 with him.NO THANK YOU!!!!

Now tonight I am having trouble sleeping,which happens a lot,so I figure play a few games of cards,then go back to bed.Again I no more and got on line and some man pops up.So again I start talking to him.Within 2 minutes of talking he asks me if I am HORNY,horny hell I am tired!!.

I think I will go back to being a happy and single granny,I don't think there is a Mr. Right,and I sure don't want to go through all the pigs to find him.

Monday, July 31, 2006


I have mentioned that Christian Cafe is probley not for me.So over the week end I decided to see what other dating sites there are,and maybe find one that better suits me.Well I was shocked and amused to find out there are over 10,000 of them!!!

I found many more sites for Christians,some for just Catholics,and there were a few for those of Jewish faith.I still don't want to try another one of these,one is plenty for me.

Now there were several sites for BMW owners,imagine that ,If I had one of those I could find me a man that has one too.I don't have a car so I guess that isn't going to happen.

I also found many sites that were by location,there were sites for Chicago,Jacksonville Houston,and Boston apartment dwellersNow if I was wanting to go international the sites were endless.There are sites for Italians,wouldn't mind one of those,well I like Italian foodanyway.Now if I was interested in a Russian they seem to have the most sites,now I don't know if that is for Russians living here,or Russians living in Russia,never the less I don't think that's the one for me.I could also find my love in Ukrane,Romania,or India,there are a lot of sites for India,not going there either.

There are sites for common interests.like cat lovers,dog lovers,or just pet lovers.Since I don't own a pet,now I like dogs,cats,and use to have a tortois,but I don't think these sites
are for me.

Some of the other sites I won't be trying are gay teens in Canada,or any of the many sites for gays and lesbians.Then there are numerous sites for swingers,I know I ain't a swinger,so no need for those.Now the sites for Adults only peaked my couriosity,I'm an adult so do they mean me,or is it a site for lovers of Adult entertainment.If I signed up for one of these do I send a picture of my face....or one of my porn shots,which I don't have any and never will.So I am pretty sure I don't want to go there.

What"s a lady looking for love suppose to do with so many choices.I haven't looked at all 10,000,so I think I'll see if I can find a site that has men looking for dim witted redheads,that don't own a BMW.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


I am starting to think this is not the place that I will meet anyone.The 2 prospects have deleted me too.I have no idea why,we exchanged 2 letters,both had wrote and asked what my interests were.To both I answered with a letter saying that spending time with my grandkids was my favorite thing to do,followed by a variety of other things,such as reading,playing cards,dining out.or going on walks.One sent a letter back saying good luck with your search,and the other just plain deleted .

I am starting to think that those on this site make quick judgements about someone,without taking any time to get to know a person,and I need someone to want to take the time to get to me,and time for me to get to know them.

I think this site might cater more to those that are on the higher end of incomes,and looking for the same.Most profiles that I have looked at are in over 50,000 per year bracket.and mine is less than half of that.This site also asks what kind of car you drive.Now what does that have to do with being a Christian??As for me I don't have a car.

I think I may have too many less than perfect answers for this site.I don't have a car,don't make a lot of money,and I enjoy doing apparently boring things.


I don't understand some people at all.I worked last night and before the shift before me left we were talking about different things,one girl mentioned she needed to lose 50 lbs,and I stated that I was trying to lose a few pounds,and told about my walks with my daughter.Another girl who wasn't part of the conversation said to me..."yea you really have put on quiet a bit of weight since you started working here". I was really shocked to hear her say this,I have gain some weight,maybe 10 lbs.

She also went on to ask me if I had a blonde haired grandaughter,when I said yes,she told me I should tell her not to sit in the middle of the road.Now Abby was visiting a few days ago,and did go outside,and she was sitting on the curb,but no way was sitting in the middle of the road.Abby is 6 years old,and is smart enough to know not to sit in the middle of the road.This lady went on to tell me that her husband had to tell Abby to get her little butt off the road.

I guess I don't like to be told I am fat,and I don't like someone trying to tell me that my grandkid isn't smart enough to not sit in the middle of the road.

Holding Out For A Hero
By Bonnie Tyler